I spent the majority of the day in the Meatpacking District - there's a vibe around here that's careless, cool and I always see uber-stylish people roaming the cobblestone streets.

I had a casting in the morning downtown and then I stopped by the Standard Hotel for the Steve Madden Mag launch event, where I met some amazing people - jewelry designers, editors and other bloggers. When I have a lot to do during the day, I throw on flip flops. It's easy, quick and still cute to wear - I got these from the new Loft store in Times Square.

Layering in the summer is obviously difficult, but there are so many pieces in stores right now that make that a bit easier - light, airy fabrics and hole-filled sweaters add texture to your outfits.

Don't judge me - I'm wearing satin pajama pants. They're unbelievably comfortable, and the satin makes it a much more appropriate to wear them in public (to me, anyway). Paired with oversized over-shoulder sweater, Forever21 bag and thrifted top.

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