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  1. Hi Jinna!

    I just fell across your blog and I'm in love. Your chic sense of style is absolutely stunning. I hope maybe our site, shirts and mission will catch your eye as well.

    My name is Austin and I work at a fashion brand called Sevenly ( At Sevenly, we use our art and fashion to raise funds and awareness for a new charity that we team up with every week. So far, in less than 2 years, we have raised over 2.2 million dollars!

    I'm interested in talking to you about a possible opportunity for you and your blog. On behalf of what we stand for and do at Sevenly, our product and mission has continued to connect best with the exact audience you write and post to (women). And since we see this and we hope you do too, we think partnering with you would be an awesome idea. Using both our platforms, we could really share some inspirational, world changing stories just through the power of social media and fashion. We think a fun way for you to do this, if you're interested, is for us to send over a shirt of your choice and have you rep it on your blog and hopefully write about the story behind it. Just an idea!

    Let me know what you think about this; we would be honored to work with you!

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    People Matter.

    Austin Roberts
    PR & Partnerships

    O. 949.287.8346

    Get Social: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

    Mailing Address
    270 Baker St. East Ste. #200
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626

  2. HI Jinna!

    I am very sorry for the message and I hope receiving it doesn’t bother you too much.

    I am contacting you to show you a new product that might interest you. It is a new bike helmets with a Street Style design we believe is very akin to the type of products that you show in your blog.

    The peculiarity of these helmets is that you can exchanged their covers and the helmet is foldable, reducing its size by more than half and they meet mandatory safety standards.

    At this time helmets are available in exclusive through kikcstarter.

    For further information please contact us or visit our web we are happy to let you know any information you need.


    Josele Artal

    Community Communication

  3. Anonymous5.8.13

    love your style! by far one of the most talented stylists and bloggers =D keep at it!


  4. Hi Jinna,

    I'm working the public relations end for an international bespoke ring company, named Rare Pink. I was wondering if you would be interested in collaborating on an exposé with members of our executive team? For some reason I am unable to send an email to the contact address provided on your webpage.

    ​I hope you​'re having a lovely week,

    Preet (