winter layers

the beauty of layers.

My style is becoming more and more classic. Classic can quickly and very easily become boring. I haven't stepped foot in a Forever 21 in MONTHS and probably won't be going back until the summer hits. I've been investing in more quality pieces that can be mixed and matched to achieve an effortless look that still hits trends when they come around every so often.

Layering classic pieces can help prevent that slump of drab blacks and simple silk button downs piled onto what seems like your grandmother's satin pants. I thought I'd experiment a bit with this whole "layering" concept - which by the way I was a bit afraid to do considering the BULKING UP factor. Yes, we all know that more layers means you-may-look-wider-than-usual-unless-you're-80-pounds-like-the-man-repeller. Am I alone in this? Maybe, maybe not. Read on.

Ahh, so simple. Satin slacks, mint button down (woo! more color in my wardrobe) and my GORRRR-JUHHHS Celine heels (gracias Bergdorf Goodman!). Anyway, I know what you're thinking. Oh, I could do that. So what?

I would probably throw this on if I were running late somewhere. Chunk up the neck with some gold chaiiinsss and bring my carry-all bag. How drab. BUT in an effort to stay warm (and mostly because I was bored this day), I went a bit bolder. Top on top = bold, baby. Two tops. One soft, one way hard. The leather makes me sweat (there are faux versions - I opted for the real stuff).

BOOM! Instant play on silhouette and shape. Yummy. Still not there yet, though. I'm missing bling, and it still looks a bit empty.

GOLD saves. Added my Pour la Victoire clutch (it's actually an iPad case that turned into a clutch because I have no iPad anymore) - along with a vintage gold watch and a statement gold necklace from Karen London Jewelry to jazz up the collar area.

And because it's cold outside...

Fur, duh. Maroon/oxblood/burgundy - whatever you want to call this color, it doesn't matter. It works, with anything. Now I'm off to show you guys the finished look!

SHOW ME YOUR LAYERS! Hope you enjoyed the post. ;)

HM coat and top - Mango satin slacks - Celine heels - vintage bracelet - Pour La Victoire clutch - Karen London necklace

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xx Jinna

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