There is probably never a time where I don't have at least one article of black clothing on, especially it being winter. Lately however, I've been drawn to mixing in navy and dark grey colors. Yes, they're still darker hues, but the navy + black combo can elevate your look. The additional dimension is subtle but still interesting enough to come across as effortlessly chic in colder weather. Case in point, view the inspiration board above.

I know, I know - amazing. #Dead. Obsessed. Edgy. Dark. Lots of leathers and peplum-laden skirts/belts. I was SO inspired by this trend popping up around the fashion world, and never realized until recently how many pieces I had in my closet that could work perfectly.

Mixing navy on navy does seem boring at first thought - sometimes I feel like I'm in Home Depot staring at paint color cards. Yes, you can look drab. Really drab. Possibly even to the point where people think you just wash your clothes too often to the point where colors fade. BUT when you add accessories and a ridiculous pair of gaudy heels, it can work out for the better. I probably wore at least three different shades of navy blue. The top came scuba-inspired courtesy of H&M, and the Mango skirt has the schweetest peplum to add that non-baby, but booty bump. Delish. Thank you to the creative team at Oscar de la Renta for making this coat. I fell in love at first sight. I'm officially black and blue. Versace heels - Oscar de la Renta trench coat - H&M top - Mango skirt - R&Em clutch

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